players with 100 Primogems for Raiden Shogun kit bug in 2.7 Genshin Impact developers to compensate players

players with 100 Primogems for Raiden Shogun kit bug in 2.7 Genshin Impact developers to compensate players

Genshin Impact 2.7 version has brought tons of new content and new characters to the game for players to enjoy. However, like many other games and their updates, it is possible that new bugs or problems also appear in the game.

As it happened, the developers found a bug in Raiden Shogun's kit that was tarnishing his collaboration with Yelan. Based on the official notification, Raiden Shogun had problems finding a solution to Chakra Desiderata after Yelan fired him with Elemental Burst. The engineers have fixed the problem and the players will receive 100 Primogems for the interruption.

The latest issue faced with Raiden Shogun's kit in patch 2.7

After the release of patch 2.7, the players called Yelan, paired him with Raiden Shogun to form different teams in the game. Many actors and theorists were discussing how Yelan and Raiden Shogun would be together. However, the players saw an unexpected distraction.

When the working cast members throw their Elemental Burst, Raiden Shogun will receive Chakra Desiderata solution stacks based on the power costs of the Elemental Burst character. However, due to an unexpected disruption, when Yelan throws his Elemental Burst, Raiden Shogun will experience problems solving stacks from Yelan's blast.

The story of Raiden and Yelan was minor, and it went under the radar for almost a week in public. Thankfully, the developers identified the problem and quickly released a small update to fix it. The official notice was also published in Genshin Impact, and players will be awarded 100 Primogems as a way to compensate for the disruption.

Compensation will be sent directly to the inbox of the player's game within 24 hours after the release of the bug fix update. Players will have 30 days to claim the free Primogems in the mailbox before it expires.

Many players in the community were shocked and some were completely unaware of the story between Yelan and Raiden Shogun. Ignorance was due to many players skipping Yelan and not using any Primogems. Many actors also joked about it as they did not have any of the characters or both expressed their happiness with Primogems for free.

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