How to fix Valorant error code VAN 1067 in windows 11

How to fix Valorant error code VAN 1067 in  windows 11

Many Valorant players keep noticing the issues of error codes in Valorant which are of many kinds with different meanings that appears on your screen after the game is started some are like connection error some are vanguard errors but today we are going to help you with an error code VAN 1067 which many players face after the Windows 11 upgrade. 

Also, VAN 1067 Error Code is mostly faced by many gamers when they tried installing windows 11. To fix it you need to install the Bios menu after restarting your computer or a laptop and changing startup settings to ensure that the error never comes again. 

Steps to fix Valorant error code VAN 1067 :

  1. first Restart your PC after restarting then install Bios. This is usually achieved by pressing F10 or F12 or a combination of two / something sequences depending on the details of your PC.
  2. When the Bios is on, open Secure Boot. This can be achieved by entering Advanced Options, then Getting Started Options, and selecting Safe Unlock.
  3. From Secure Boot, select Window UEFI Mode Option, or any available UEFI option.
  4. Now restart your PC as usual. Then when you are in Windows, press Windows Key, then R, and type Service.MSC in the available text box.
  5. Look for a service called 'VGC' and select it from the right-click menu.

This should fix the problem, but if it persists then, unfortunately, you should consider going back to Windows 10.

This is the method of how you can fix the Valorant VAN 1067 Error Code.  

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