Why is xQcow so popular and How did xQc get so big?

Why is xQcow so popular and How did xQc get so big?

xQc well-known twitch streamer who got famous for his GTAV Roleplay and also for its overwatch tournaments he first made his career in the famous game overwatch but after his hard work in streaming with his funny gameplay helped him to grow easily on twitch His real name is FĂ©lix Lengyel.  xQc was born in 1995 in Canada.

Why is xQcow so popular Among the Audience?

xQc cow started getting famous among the audience with its funny role play in GTAV where he use to meet some other twitch streamers and was also famous for its various games streams which most of the viewers like to watch with xQc and his toxicity which is really the secret of his growth among the audience and that's also the reason the audience connects to him. 

How did xQc get so big? 

xQc was mainly known by everyone on twitch by 2019 when he started playing the variety of games on stream where xQc streamed 365 rare video games for the 365 days that the viewers had an interest in his streaming all the time xQc had great connectivity to the audience. 

Why xQc Don't play Overwatch anymore?

Why is xQcow so popular and How did xQc get so big?

xQc started his career by playing overwatch as a professional player but now he is the biggest streamer on twitch many viewers try to do stream snipe xQc and kill him in the game for no reason xQc quits playing overwatch on stream he said that sometimes he plays overwatch off stream to enjoy it but during the stream, there are no possible chances to enjoy the game because of stream snipers.

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